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Air Vent Cleaning

Dirty air ducts can affect the health of your family, especially allergy and asthma sufferers and those with other respiratory health issues. Air Ducts are a part of our house that we can’t clean ourselves mainly due to the accumulated dust, dust mites, pet hair, pollen, and skin flakes etc... Every time your HVAC unit fan is on, it forces these impurities into your living environment for you to breathe when you are in your home.

Hood Cleaning

Maintaining a scheduled hood cleaning program keeps your restaurant kitchen cleaner and lowers your risk of grease fires and smoke problems. Many kitchen fires begin on cooking appliances and flare up into the kitchen exhaust system. Regular cleaning of the exhaust system and kitchen equipment are one of the primary defenses against fire hazards. It's also essential for your business to present the best image during government audits.

Chimney Sweep

CJ’s Duct Cleaning offers several services in our chimney cleaning division. We inspect, clean, service and repair a number of areas vital to the structure and safety of your home. Fireplaces that burn wood should be periodically inspected and swept when needed to remove byproducts of combustion (i.e. soot and creosote), thus preventing a chimney fire. If the buildup of creosote on the chimney’s inside surface ignites, a fire can result.